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  When you have spent time and money into developing a new product or service, you need to ensure that your launch campaign has maximum impact. An effective product launch is fundamental in raising awareness and generating interest. Marketing Aloud will promote new products both internally to your own organisation and externally to your clients, buyers, dealers or press.  

Marketing Aloud will present to you creative solutions by understanding your brand and key message’s and communicate this effectively to the target audience. Marketing Aloud will spend time with you understanding why the product is to be launched, to which audience and what results or outcome you expect to achieve. Let Marketing Aloud make the rest of the world as excited about your product as you are. We can create a launch campaign that takes the new product message across the country, to all types of media.

From pre-launch interviews with key reporters and analysts, to media blitzes of press releases, video news releases and online communities, Marketing Aloud will put your new product in the news.

Today's media environment offers unlimited opportunities to be both creative and strategic when introducing a product. We believe in using all methods of traditional and new marketing techniques to build the right 'buzz' and make your story irresistible to journalists. You only get one chance to launch effectively.

Marketing Aloud can help ensure that your new-product launch creates the positive momentum that will impact sales, both in the crucial first year and beyond.

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